Sri Lanka - out of war, into the prosperity

Sri Lanka – out of war, into the prosperity

“Sir, where are you from”, this guy had noticed my interest in Galle Lighthouse. “Pakistan,” hesitantly I replied. In addition to the obvious ones, I had another reason to be hesitant – Pakistan is assumed to have some supporting role in ending the civil war in Sri Lanka. The guy got excited and almost shouted, “you should do to the terrorists what we did. Kill them all!” I am not sure if I agree with killing them all but Sri Lanka definitely has done something right. Just in four years of ending the conflict, the island seems to be thriving. I visited Colombo, Kandy and Galle during my stay in Sri Lanka and I did not find any reminiscent of the conflict. I walked around, drove in tuk-tuk, rode buses, took trains, ate at small restaurants, shopped at kiosks, chatted with strangers (very nice and helping people), and talked with saints at temples (who politely guided me about Buddhas). I saw booming economy, rising buildings, development projects progressing, people working (no beggars), and, above all, supremacy of the law – everything and everyone following the system. I don’t want to believe that Sri Lanka has achieved all of this just by killing ‘them’ all; it takes more than that.