BS Computer Science - FAST-NUCES

BS Computer Science – FAST-NUCES

It was love at first sight though I saw (na, read about) computers in a lesson in my text book. Yes! in those days (summer of ’92) computers were so rare (at least in Pakistan) that students were taught lessons on ‘What is a computer.’ I was among the lucky lot who actually got to see a computer in next few years. It was a 486 – top of the line, with monochrome screen, 2 MB RAM and 33 MHz processor. It had so much to keep me busy all day. I have to admit that MS-Excel swept me off my feet and I decided to drop a career in physics/maths and become a  Computer Engineer. Rest is story of struggle and sleepless nights to get on the merit list of FAST-NUCES for Bachelor Program in Computer Science.