Vroom Technologies

This was my first full time paid professional work. I joined the organization in January 2001 when the IT bubble had just got burst and this software company (vroom) had also been hit. The organization provided excellent learning opportunities in their Framework Department despite the fact that it was struggling to survive. I couldn’t stay with them long and had to jump the ship. It was a timely move!

Getting selected for Vroom was itself an achievement. Vroom was famous for tech savviness of its employees and leaders (Dr. Fakhar and Mr. Shafique-ur-Rehman who are among the renowned faculty members of FAST-NU). Mastery over ‘Effective C++’ and ‘More Effective C++’ was among the pre-requisites of clearing those interviews. In my final interview, I had some interesting and intense discussions with Mr. Shafique (with whom I later took a readings course on ‘Design Patterns’) about concepts of ‘classes’ and ‘inheritance.’

In my short stay there, I enjoyed company of some very able professionals both at workplace and table tennis. Birthday parties, con-calls between Lahore and Denver and participation in cricket tournament are among the other fond memories of those days.